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Set everything at 75db.... Sub Set at +5.0db left set at 3.5db rifht set at 3.5db center at 5.0db left &right surround at 3.0db and right rear and left rear set at 2.5 db The sound is great .. also go the Fishers built with new crossovers and new tweets new mids and it sounds great... Now I just need better rear surround speakers..
Did you leave the XO @ 80Hz????

What I always do to decide which frequency I have to use, I always consider every speaker frequency response ie: fronts 25Hz-20KHz, center 80Hz-20KHz and surrounds 120Hz-20KHz .... in this case I'll use 120Hz as XO.

I had this situation before (when I got into HT's); now all my speakers have a better FR....CTR and surrounds play 65Hz-20KHZ and fronts 25Hz-20KHz :innocent:
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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