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Let me know what ya think mech, it sure looks like a great deal.
It won't work here, or else I probably would have gotten one........I'm looking at the Pioneer FPJ1, because right now they can be had for <3k brand new due to clearing out stock.....I REALLY don't want to spend 3K though, even if it is a JVC RS2 clone(>5K STILL- PIO sells them for 8K).

I'm actually looking used right now, as I don't want to spend >2K

Home theater is pathetic.........:hissyfit:
It rocks! Bulb had one hour on it and the image quality compared to my Mitsubishi HC3000U seemed like night and day. When I get some time, I plan on doing a full calibration and writing up a review on it.

$1400 was a lot less than the $2K+ I paid for the mitsu. Jump on it if you can!!
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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