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Learning WinISD help TC-2000

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I am learning to use the WinISD pro and putting in all the parameters for my 15" TC-2000 but having problem figuring out a couple things. I can't find info on the following:
Le= mH
fLe= hz
Xlim= in
Hc= in
Hg= in
Pe= in
VCd= in
Dvol= in^3

I have all the rest of the info. I am going to try and design a box for a single 15" TC-2000 with two 15" P.R.'s from DIYCable. http://www.diycable.com/main/product_info.php?products_id=685 any thought's and suggestions will be greatly appreciated. And thank you for your time and help. This is by far the best forum I have ever been on and EVERYONE here is just simply amazing. THANK YOU.
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You don't need most of those parameters. Post the parameters that you do have.
15" TC-2000
Qts 0.321
Qes 0.347
Qms 4.264
Fs 18hz
Res 3.19Ω
Ls 2.45mH
Lp 5.87mH
Rp 4.30Ω
Dia 330mm
Vas 267l
mms 296g
cms 260um/N
bl 17.2T*m
Spl 88.5dB

Driver Cutout Diameter Basket Diameter Gasket Height Mounting Depth Displacement Weight
15TC-2000 14.10" 15.65" 0.65" 8.75" 0.14ft3 35.65lb

Effective motor force of 98 Newtons2 per watt (BL2/Re)
• 800 watts continuous power (2500 watts peak)
• 28mm BL XMax (voice coil, one-way)
• 41mm XMech (mechanically limited, one-way)

Type Volume NA NA NA
Sealed 3.5 ft3 NA NA NA
Ported 5.6 ft3 18Hz 25 in2 28 in
Passive 5.6 ft3 10Hz-25Hz Dual 15" PR Variable

This is all the information I have on the TC-2000
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Save this file to the "Projects" folder in WinISD. You can adjust box size and mass added to the PR's to your liking.

View attachment TC 2000-15, Dual 15 PR's.wpr
My WinISD Pro alpha is messed up wont work. and I cant find the 0.4x version what should I do??
There should be a compatibility mode in Vista, set it for XP to work with WinISD.
I still get "Access Violation at address 00000028. read of address 00000028"
tried that three times. also re-downloaded three times. it work's but just wont let me exit out now. just have to end task through task manager.
i believe so its the only pro I could find.
How big do you want the box(max size)?

a 2' x 2' x 2' cube can with 500 grams added to each cone will get you a 21.5hz f3 and a very good output. The sub has been shown to be good up to 110db in actual measurements..
I came up 4 ft^3 with 1000 grams on each p.r. and it give's out 19.94hz. Is that good?
I came up 4 ft^3 with 1000 grams on each p.r. and it give's out 19.94hz. Is that good?
Yeah that alignment usually works well with the TC-2000
I still get "Access Violation at address 00000028. read of address 00000028"
I am having a problem with WinISD Pro 0.50a7 that is very similar to the problem BuddahX reported. When I start the program, it appears to work, but when I try to access the help files, the program is unable to find them. Then, when I try to close the program, the close button does not work and I get "Access Violation at address 00000028. read of address 00000028". I am forced to use Task Manager to close the program.

I tried uninstalling the program using the Uninstall WinISD Pro utility that comes with WinISD Pro Alpha, but that program does not work either; it returns a message that the log file cannot be found. I downloaded a new copy of WinISD Pro 0.50a7 and installed it over the current installation. Then, I set the compatibility mode on both programs to Windows XP (something I did not do originally, thanks Mike P). This time, the help files were loaded, and WinISD appears to be working; I followed the author through the Getting Started tutorial and got all the correct results. However, when I tried to close the program, it still would not close, and I got the same "Access Violation..." message that I got before.
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