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A "background" measurement will tell the builder how quiet it is on the receive sound, i.e. how much noise reduction will be required between the room and the receiver.

He could also measure how loud the sub currently is at the receiver location - then he will know how much additional transmission loss is required.

The problem with cheap sound level meters is that they will not be sensitive enough to measure the quiet background sound level. Another problem is that they may not have the frequency extension down to sub-territory (60Hz and lower). Even an ECM-8000 hooked up to a laptop or computer may not measure low enough in level (say less than 35dBA) although it will work down to 20Hz - then need to read up on how to calibrate the measurement system.

In terms of a room-within-a-room, saving space is the opposite of what is needed to control low frequency sound. That is why it is important to measure first, work out the TL required (i.e. obtain the necessary knowledge) and then design&build.
1 - 1 of 140 Posts
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