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Good day,

i have an issue with my Mitsubishi WS-55819 manuf, Oct. 2002, where i start noticing the picture hue redish.
At first i thought color saturation, but then i started to notice that when changing from channel to channel on a light gray raster, the screen looked red mostly at corners and fading to the center(turning the screen pinky). Every time i corrected this phenomenon by decreasing COLOR hue at the AV menu. then it started to get worse and i had to change temperature to high to get rid of the red. i did many adjustments on the convergence screen and all values looked fine. B,R,G centered and adjusted. the picture did not have any defects or ghost effects ( bifocal) or lines, or anything, just the whole picture got redish. but after 1 hour or so, the color began to adjust to normally white.

then when i finally decided to fix it, BOOM --- it shorted. i deduct this by reading tens of pages from licallo and other forums and post on the web.

after all this reading i was weary to order pico fuses and Convergence IC's because i just simply do not think convergence is my problem. Only in one place it mentions something abouth a coolant on a CRT tube.

can somebody explain this and what would you recommend i do. i am capable of soldering, runing test, and follow diagrams. i have performed electronic surgeries at my line of work, but i am a Business Major, not engineer.

in the service manual it just mentions color tint in monochrome, is this the problem? i have changed the values, before but found no improvements.
would any body give me starting points or hints where to start checking the reason for the short?

i would appreciate any comments thank you.

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