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My Stage and FOH-Friendly Bass Rig

  • Allen Breaux Boogie Man custom hand-made 4-string.
  • MV Pedulla Thunderbass ET5 5-string.
  • MV Pedulla Thunderbuzz ET5 fretless 5-string.
  • Tobias Classic 5-string.
Main Equipment Rack
  • Furman PL-Tuner power director/tuner (modified for rear signal input).
  • Ashly BP-41 pre amp.
  • dbx 160X compressor.
  • Ashly SRA-2150 stereo amplifier (80 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, 150 watts @ 4 ohms (for at-home practicing or other on-stage uses as needed).
The main rack is used for gigs where no stage rig is needed due to full PA support with subwoofers, supplying a balanced line out to the house system. If there is no in-ear monitor system I’ll use the EV speaker listed below to hear myself, powered by the Ashly amplifier. A patch panel on the back of the rack also allows me to also utilize the Ashly amp for specialized needs, such as a dedicated monitor to better hear the primary vocalist, guitar or keyboard player.

Secondary Equipment Rack
  • Yamaha YDP2006 stereo digital 6-band parametric equalizer (as crossover and EQ).
  • Crest Audio Pro7200 stereo amplifier (590 watts @ 8 ohms,1000 watts per channel @ 4 ohms).
For gigs where there is minimal PA support and my stage rig needs to carry the house, I add a secondary rack for a full-range bi-amped rig. Used with the Genzler and EAW speakers listed below.

  • Electro Voice ZX 1 – 8” two-way speaker (as bass monitor if needed).
  • Genzler BA12-3 – 12” two-way cabinet.
  • Eastern Acoustics Works SB-150 15" subwoofer.
  • Custom-made guitar cables with Canare L-2T2S cable and Switchcraft 226 90° plugs.

Instruments Pictures

Pedulla fretless enhanced c.jpg

MV Pedulla Thunderbuzz ET-5 fretless
(2006) Bubinga top plate

Pedulla enhanced b.jpg

MV Pedulla Thunderbass ET-5
(2005) Cocobolo top plate

Tobias enhanced b.jpg

Tobias Classic
(1999) AAAAA quilted maple top with wenge tone plate and walnut back

Breaux enhanced b.jpg

Allen Breaux Boogie Man (custom hand-made)
(1994) Flame maple wings (top and bottom) with wenge tone plate; bubinga center with purpleheart stringers; rock maple bolt-on neck with wenge stringers

Equipment Pictures

IMG_4172 cropped.jpg

Full Stage Rig

IMG_0099 a.jpg

Rear View

p1010178 reduced.jpg

Main Rack Rear Panel


Previous Rack Compliment, with Separate EQs for House and Stage
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