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This is a interesting tradeoff of design considerations.

Even without a SW this speaker is rated very well by most all who have heard it.

A 4" driver for the HF is normally considered very poor for extension and dispersion, but the dipole effect apparently offsets that concern at least when properly located in the room. The up-firing MW provides more uniform upper midrange dispersion in all directions than a box speaker. It also has no baffle board to scatter the HF wavefront.

The roll-off of LF and HF SPL is not normally considered adequate. However, this may well be a better tradeoff for a 2-way than the normal approach of extending the range and thus sacrificing the dispersion uniformity through the XO range. As noted, a SW for those that want more LF extension is always an option.

Linkwitz has found a low cost, small footprint, unusual looking DIY design that apparently delivers very impressive sound quality. I hope to get the chance to hear these someday. If I had a small room that needed a quality stereo setup (and could get past the appearance which doesn't fit my style) I would definitely give these strong consideration.

Thanks for the very interesting review.
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