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Hi all,

Ryan from Northern Virginia here. I've decided to turn my tiny basement bedroom into a mixing/critical listening room. For what it's worth, I have a decent stereo setup in the living room, which is where I listen to music and watch movies. This room will be primarily for mixing music, with a possible vlog or podcast from time to time. The room itself is going to be a huge challenge as it's tiny and almost a cube, at about 9x9x8, with a double window on the right wall, closet door in the front left corner and entrance door in the left rear. There are also two large HVAC return vents on the left wall, as the furnace room is on the other side of that wall. With all of that said, I like a good challenge.

My primary goal here is to have a flat (but not totally dead) reference room for mixing bands.
Current audio setup is a UAD apollo 8 chained to an apollo twin duo and a pair of Yamaha HS8, with a 27" retina iMac.
I have a bit of low end buildup in the front right corner, which makes sense as there is concrete behind the front and right wall, and the other two are just drywall, etc. There is also a bit between the rear wall and ceiling. I've gone back & forth about whether the HS8 are too big/bassy for that size of room, and I've decided that I want the low end, and to treat the room appropriately to be able to harness it.

Plans include making two 2'x4' panels for my 1st & 2nd reflection points (the room is so small that one panel per side will cover both), and a horizontal 2'x6' panel on the front wall that will stretch behind the computer & monitors. I'm also making a 4'x4' cloud, suspended with about (x)" of airspace above. I'm also planning on building a skyline diffuser for the back wall, which will sit above a 4' bookshelf that will have books on the top shelf, and be filled with rockwool in the bottom half. I'm also going to make a large floor to ceiling bass trap in the problem corner, and smaller floor to ceiling traps in the other three corners. All of the above insulation will be made from 2.5" rockwool 40. After that, I will evaluate from there, and consider more absorption or diffusion as needed.

I'm wide open to any suggestions or criticisms from here on out, and would appreciate any guidance that anyone would like to share.

Thanks, and cheers!
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