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I have done alot of upgrades to my space lately. I have a small house so I have to use my living room as my home theater. Here is a list of components as of now:

Xbox 360
Directv HD/DVR

Pioneer SC05

3 Ascend Sierra-1s for the LCR, still using some Onkyo HTIB for the 4 surrounds, need to upgrade this next
Currently using a Bic H-100 for sub duties, I have built a 26" cube for a maelstrom-x dual PR build, but the driver I received was defective and I am awaiting the next shipment. I have an SMS1 for EQ and filter duties and had a custom made Auralex subdude.

Video display:
Epson 6500 on a 125" DIY Wilsonart DW laminate

3 Berkline 45003 powered recliners with buttkickers.
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