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So this was a test box with a cheap sub till I could afford Maelstrom-Xs. I re-tuned to 19.5Hz, 24.5Hz, and "kind of" 33Hz... as that was the thickness of the wall, 3/4", and didn't seem completely functional. 7.75" sonotube.

these are out of order, but here is the finished product 1st


7.75" sonotube, 8" clearance from rear wall, resulting in 19.5" length, resulting in 15.4Hz tune

me inside the box to create "perfect" seal for port, t-nut

believe it or not, it wanted more power, so I ordered a custom dual 2 ohm since my amp is 1700 RMS @ 2 ohm, but 2600 RMS @ 1 ohm. SSF was set at 15Hz BTW

2" flex led to 2 runs of all thread

retuning to 19.5Hz

then 24.5Hz

33Hz, functionallity debateable

dual 2 recone

got bank?

running AC full headlights and fog etc...dome light on...while running


retuned to 17.5Hz, crome paint instead of black

painted heavily to add a tiny touch of smoothness and rigidity

from 15.4Hz, 19.5", to 17.5Hz, 13.5"

what my next LLT will have


what is a maelstrom?

vaper from sound barrier?


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Those are some wild looking subs there.

Make sure you got some good side view mirrors on your vehicle since you are blocking the rear view.
I've been looking around for rear view cams for a while, and I intended to get one before the build...but I didn't have any issues at all. You gotta pay more attention and backing up is tough... I'll get one soon :)

Those are some pretty wild enclosures! One question on yours though. You said your SSF was set at 25hz? Why did you tune so low then?
oops! fixed it!

15Hz Thank you!


the bottom note on this track is 26Hz I believe. Willie The Kid : Love For Money


same song, different vid


Bass I Love You has a 16Hz tone. I had more excursion at the 16Hz tone than I did on the 30Hz and 25Hz tones. Please excuse the very poor quality of this video, turn your speakers down! also note, very little port velocity. that 2 liter bottle barrely moves, and not much air blew through without the bottle in it either.


this one is also with the bad camera, it sounds terrible on the camera, but it's not actually distorted like that


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I assume you have run enclosures with tunes in the 30's as well. How do those conytrast to this build? I have never had the room for such a low tune in my cars.
Tuning higher gives more overall output and takes a lot less power... but I take the loss because I gain so much more SQ going lower. While playing tracks that were centered from 26Hz-36Hz, it still actually sounded better being tuned at 15Hz, not as good at 20Hz, and surprisingly the least at 25Hz. That doesn't make sense, so I'll be redoing it all over again once I finish my recone and get moved in to my new place within the month.

Later I may be working with 128 cubic feet per sub in-home ;)
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