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LLT in-car

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Not should it be done. Can it. I'm not looking for a smooth flat FR. I am looking for a typical large sealed box FR curve... turned upside down. So that it gets louder as it goes lower. Let's please not make this about available information just yet, we all know in car and in music there's supposedly little info below 30Hz... save it, please...I just said it...it's done.

So to most, space is an issue in home. I personally am willing to give up more space in-car than it seems a lot are willing to do in a big house. I have approximately 48" X 32" X 24" external space. That's about 18 cubes before displacement. I am considering both slot port, 3" X 22.5" as long as down one side and the length of the bottom if need be ( about 77" down the center with end correction factored) or an 8" PVC pipe with 1 bend/elbow...I'd have to guess 4" in from side, and 4" up from bottom, and at least 9-10" clearance at the end. ( about 51"?)

I am NOT looking for a "low/loud" 27Hz-33Hz tune! I am not looking for in-room HT response! I am NOT looking for what YOU or joe blo wants! I am asking those who can set aside desired response preferences, and simply help design for the response I want.


So the following copy/paste was a reply from the LLT tutorial, but the LLT tutorial is under the larger slot of Home Theater... and this is car audio, so here is the car audio LLT thread I guess LOL :D

The first scenario describes a typical commercial ported subwoofer or DIY ported subwoofers that were common a handful of years ago - they have some issues. I then go on to explain the benefits and drawbacks of sealed - it has issues as well. I then go on to explain how we can make a sub that sidesteps a lot of these issues. To do it, one has to take a second look at ported, but go ported in a way that isn't and hasn't been very common.

No contradiction, just suspense until the big payoff :T
And I replied:
" Well I think it's my favorite thread.... Now I've got to take the time to read the rest, but I think the 1st post is the most informative and important.

I guess my biggest concern since I first read it a while back, is I'm taking what you say about round ports pretty seriouse. I can see how slot ports, especially rectangular and not square, can cause issues. I don't think very big issues, but none the less I see how round is superior. I have limited space, 48" x 32" x 24" external.... I suppse I could get an 8" port guessing around 50" long, taking up about 2.7 cubes of 18.4 cubes... so we'll over guestimate displacement for 15 cubes, 8" port 50" long...making about a 13Hz tune

Is that enough for an 18"? I'd really like to try to make a 22" work if they come out and look promising.... I know that with Vd like that, an even larger port would be desired...but I'm expecting to rarely reach much output below 30Hz at high levels...if this box were for HT, I could see needing a 10" or 12" port and double the cubes...which I would readily sacrifice in home..... I have limited round port experience, i've done a little, but never with elbows and bends...which Is the part I am worried about.... and 8" is just rediculous HUGE!

Intimidating. "
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