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lms 5400 or 2 mal-x's

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So I might have a chance to buy a lms 5400 and a crown k2 for around $1800 CDN. Or 2 mal-x's and 2 ep2500's for around the same price. (or wait for the new 21" mal)
I already have 2 huge mach 5 IXL 18's but want to more. :)
I know the 2 mal's will offer more bass after modeling but I don't know If i want to pass up a chance on an LMS 5400. I hear tc sounds might be making a comeback but if they don't I will have lost my chance on the lms.
I know the 21" mal is still in the works but I'd just love to show off that piece of hardware!

What do you guys think? I'm not looking to have you make up my mind, just more or less wondering what you all think of my situation.

also should be noted the mach 5's are insane in my room, I'm just that type of person ;)
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Bang for the Buck IMO goes to the Mal-X's.... they sound Phenomenal, and the best part, you can power them with a EP2500 each sealed, or 1 bigger amp, 1 on each channel ported.....

I haven't heard the LMS, but hopefully soon....
The LMS really needs some considerable power and that can be costly.....

I have a Subwoofer shootout coming up Feb 28th with potentially some big shooters to be attending....

AESpeakers (John Janowitz) with a PR sub
John Hanitz from Elite Audio - dual 18 vented subs TD18H+
Mal-X's -JL F112, TC2K, TC3K I have.....
The LMS 5400 excels in sound, but not necessary in output (I mean not by much). So if you're already happy with SQ, you might consider something cheaper (my 2 cent).
Well I think I'm gonna wait and see what the 21" mal brings to the table. I can get a good deal on a qsc 4050 to power whatever I need it to do.
Why would two Maelstroms and two EP2500s be $1800, even in Canada? Seems high.

I would go with the two Maelstroms by the way. More flexible drivers in terms of how you can use them and dual subs, if placed correctly, offer a sound improvement over one.
buy the time you pay for shipping and taxes and Dollar exchange the mals will be around $1000 for 2, the 2 ep2500's are $850 (from the cheapest place I can find them in Canada). I already have one ep but it's powering my two 15 liter mach 5 18's. The subs will be used with the mach 5's. I can get [email protected] 20 hz at seating pos but I want more. :)
Buying electronics in Canada is a load of poop, especially something you can't just go and buy in a regular B&M store.

I'm gonna see what the 21" will do and if i don't think it will be what I want, I'm going the 2 mal sealed 18's instead.
I can get a good price on a qsc 4050 for $850 but I not sure what I'll do yet.
Where did you get the EP2500's from? I'm thinking of getting one.
the best price I've found is at axe music, I got my orginal one from tom lee music but it was only $380 but thats when our dollar was on par.


its about $470 after taxes.

Tom lee

http://www.tomleemusic.ca/main/livesound.cfm?details=1&id=188&inv=109510 more $ but a good place to deal with.
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