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Hi everyone. I am Bruno.

I need some help to build a project around this subwoofer for my HT. Having a budget of 1500€ (around 1950$) for a new subwoofer after reading this wonderful section of the forum I thought why not DIY ... ?
From what I have understood I should obtain a better result for the same price.

Now the problem... I don't have any knowledge in acoustic. So I don't know the proportion of the box and I don't know how to equalize the sub once done.

However I did some research and I think I could buy a LMS Ultra 5400 (700€ to have the best driver on the market doesn't seem too much), make a sealed box, amplifying it with a Crown.

Three big questions.

1) What should be the size of the box? How thick the wall of the MDF box?
2) On the TCS web site they report:
_ Small Sealed - Volume: 2.1 ft^3 - Type: Butterworth
_ Large Sealed - Volume: 4.0 ft^3 - Type: Bessel
What do they mean with Butterworth and Bessel? Should I care about them?
3) What about equalization? I jave an Onkyo 706 with Audyssey, is that enough?

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An external EQ would be better than your AVR. You can use a Minidsp or Behringer DCX for EQ.

Now the TC Sounds Ultra is an amazing driver but it is better to have at least a pair of subwoofers to have a better over all bass response. But if you only have one person listening at a time then you may be happy with just one sub. If you want to have a single sub then a TC Sounds in about 4cuft sealed would be nice. You will then need a powerful poweramp to power it. Something with about 2000watts or more.

If you are wanting to build a pair of subs then a SI 18" pair of subwoofers would be a great budget subwoofer. Maybe cost you about 700 for the pair of them. Now this price could be different depending on your customs and shipping. I am guessing and thinking your shipping will be about 150usd for each sub.

Now there are many other options but you picked the most expensive option and I just gave you another much lower cost option.

What are your size constraints? What is the biggest cabinet you can have in your room? What size is your room?
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