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Log sweep or Pink PN for EQing

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I have recently purchased a miniDSP and have been using REW for about 4 weeks and both are excellent products. I have a Dayton Audio calibration mic , balanced <-> USB preamp and both mic and soundcard calibration files have been added. I have generated a Pink Noise ( periodic noise ) CD so I can test with the RTA ( with PN full range ) or a log sweep.

Test A: Test with log sweep.
Test B: Test with RTA and PN

Each test gives very different results above about 2 kHz.

Is there any reason for this. Some articles I have read suggest Pink Noise ( periodic noise ) should be used for room EQ and not log or linear sweeps.

Any advice is appreciated.
Toowong Australia.
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Should see very similar results provided you apply some smoothing to the sweep measurement to emulate the smoothing effect of the RTA.

Hey Roger,

Hard to say for sure without you providing us with some graphs of what you’re seeing, but basically, what John said: If the sweep graph looks more “ragged” than the RTA graph, simply apply some smoothing to the sweep graph. If you've already done that and response between the two looks different above 2 kHz, then it bears further investigation.


Ok thanks and I worked out I needed to tick "adjust levels" in RTA so log sweep and PN are interpreted the same by REW.
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