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Live auditoriums designed to have the audience hear what the orchestra wants you to hear are going to be tough if not impossible to reproduce in your home. Yamaha has be trying since the late 80's using surround and has done a fairly good job.

Your right Wayne when you say "but the only job of a sound system is to accurately reproduce what the instrument sounds like, plain and simple. For a sound system to try to mimic the resonances of musical instruments is plain silly".
You can not expect a pair of speakers to reproduce the sound of a live recording. It is much more likely to be able to hear what the sound engineer in a recording studio wants you to hear than a live recording because the studio is much more like a home listening environment unless of course you live in a huge open loft.

The Bose 901's were particularly cleaver and using reflection off of the wall behind the speaker did reproduce some interesting results. I do not think that Bose ever thought that taking a series of samples around an area and making a digital recording in 5.1 or even 7.1 channels was even going to be an in home reality.

I remember the first movie I saw that made a real impact with real surround sound "Top Gun" I immediately went home and started to plan out how I was going to get that sort of sound in my own room and thus went out and bought my first Prologic receiver made by Yamaha that had front effect speakers that mounted up high on the walls outside the main channels and had two rear channels a centre and sub channel. The Yamaha had many surround modes for music that Yamaha spent years testing and sampling many world famous theaters and stadiums that worked very well. Did they accurately reproduce them in my room? No. However it was a much better job than trying to get a single pair of speakers to reproduce the music as it sounded during the live event.

When I have done live recordings of our Christmas production at our church (a 40 piece orchestra along with 200 voice choir) not only placing mic's on the interments them selves I have always used several area mic's that capture the sounds that are naturally reflected around the auditorium. This has always given me a much more live sound. Playing the recording back on a two channel system looses almost all the dynamics of the original recording however even expanding it to 5.1 prologic made the recording come alive. I do not believe that there is a single two channel setup can do that.
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