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Long time lurker, first time poster from Calgary

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Hi everyone...thought I'd finally say hi, start to get to know some of the great people on this forum.

I started with audio in about 1990 with a Yamaha receiver, tape deck, and Paradigm 7se speakers. I briefy started a theater business as a student selling Onkyo electronics and Infinity and Angstrom speakers. Didn't quite work out...

Moved on to a Nakamichi RE3 receiver (curretly looking for a replacement), finally up to my Yamaha 2600/Paradigm Studio set. I sold my PS 1000 sub after I started reading about DIY subs, which is how I found this forum.

I've picked up quite a bit so far, now just need the time to build. I have some ideas how to implment it when I finish my basement, and for some reason all my ideas raise my wifes eyebrows...most likely the influence of some people on here!

Looking forward to becoming more active in this forum!



PS...I welcome discussions with fellow Belgian beer lovers!
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Hi Todd and welcome to the Shack!

Looking forward to having you around and following your DIY project. We have some really talented guys that can help you out in this area... :T
Hi there, from another Canuck named Todd.

Looks like we share an affection for the Paradigm speakers. Gotta love those Studio 100s.

Have you ventured into the home theater arena yet?
Hi, and thanks for the welcome Sonnie, Todd & Mech.

Todd...I do have a thing for the Paradigms...the 7se first, a Titan/Atom small theater setup, to the 60V2/CCV2. However, lately I've been thinking of trying something new, but I'll wait on that until I build the theater in the basement. I have a vision of 3 identical mains behind a screen.

Its been so long since I cranked it up to watch a movie...with a new baby (well, she's a year now), we just don't seem to have time like we used to.
Hello Todd, Welcome to the Shack.
Only Belgian Beer's :foottap:, me, I'm a connoisseur of all beers, especially home brew :bigsmile:
Thanks everyone. And Nova...its not 'just" Belgian beer...just none of the mass produced swill. I have the kit to start making my own...just need the time!
Todd . Where is Calgary:coocoo::coocoo::coocoo::coocoo:And welcome Alan
Ah,... glad to hear it. If you want/need any help or pointers on home brew, just let me know. I'm no expert, but I have been brewing for about 15 years or so.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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