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Long time lurker, first time poster!

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My name is Bill I have been lurking on these forums off and on for a long time. After many years, I'm finally able to move forward on setting my home theater back up.

My space is less than ideal but I'm not a audiophile and I'm just looking for descent sound and a good sub setup to make movies enjoyable.

When we remodeled the house the deal with the wife was that I couldn't have stacks of equipment in every room with every TV so I built a central media closet to house the equipment.

I Do CNC programming, machining, 3d printing, and electrical/electronic prototyping for a living as well as a hobby. The skills and tools come in handy for these kinds of hobbies

I'm going to use some motorized drop down speakers in a 7.1 configuration in the den. I will eventually do 2 or more DIY subs top replace the 3 M&K 12" sealed subs I'm using now.

Here are a couple links showing a couple of my projects:

In ceiling motorized speakers with custom made control box

Custom cutout template with dust collector

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Hello Bill and welcome to HTS. :wave:

Some nice projects you have done there in your links. T:
Welcome to the forum Bill and thanks for joining.

Hi..Bill and welcome..Enjoy your time with us..
Welcome to the SHACK... Glad you joined.
Hi Bill,

Thanks for joining Home Theater Shack!

If you're a Facebook user, click on the Facebook icon at the top of the page and "Like" our Facebook Page. Our feed is full of interesting links, photos, and news.:T

Regards, Todd
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