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Long time lurker!

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Hello, names Dustin and I live just outside Nashville, TN. In the process of buying my first home and figured it was time to get around to registering. The people here seem nice and very helpful to those just starting out. All this knowledge I've read, it's going to be nice to put it into practice.

Thanks guys!
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Welcome to HTS. I am from Knoxville and it is always nice to see another Southerner joining HTS.
Hello and welcome....:wave:
Welcome to the Forum. Have fun. Dennis
Hi Dustin..and welcome..
Welcome to HTS, Dustin!
Welcome, Dustin! Glad to have you. Please visit often.
Thanks guys. It's weird cause I recognize most of your avatars, ha.

More houses to look at this week, shooting for one with an unfinished or partially finished basement. Judging by the ones we have looked at.... well I'd rather do the basement myself, doesn't seem like many people know how to do it properly.

Thanks again, looking forward to getting into it and picking your brains.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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