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Hi guys, I am looking for a 7 channel amp to go with my system. I have just started looking for some and have come to see how confusing this whole part can be. It doesnt seem like many local people can point me in the right direction as far as brand and details go. This is my system right now

2x Def Tech BP7006's (Fronts)
Def Tech C/L/R2002 (Center)
2x BP2X (Surrounds)
Sony 2400-ES A/V Receiver
Panamax 5400-pm
Sony Blue-ray Player

I am looking for any suggestions for a 7 channel amp in the 1500-2000 dollar range. I will eventually upgrade to a 7 channel configuration when I purchase the Def Tech BP7002's, move them to the front, and move the BP7006's to the rear.

Currently, Power handling on the Def Tech BP7006's, according to their website is 50-250 watts power.
The BP2X's are rated at 50-200 watts. Hope this helps

Thanks for your time and reccomendations!!!

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I love my Marantz MM8003 8 Channel Power Amplifier. You can probably find a used one for around $1500 or so if you look around.

* 140W x 8ch (8 ohms) Power Amplifiers
* Low Impedance Continuous Drive Capability
* Current Feedback Amplifier Circuit
* Massive Toroidal Power Transformer
* Slow Start to Power On
* 8ch XLR Input Terminals
etc., etc.,
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