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Before you completely discount 4 ohm speakers, read this.

My LCR is NatPs with a Modula MTM CC, all 4 ohm or less, and I have no issues driving them with an old Pioneer AVR. In general, any speaker with dual drivers will have 8 ohm drivers in parallel, making them 4 ohms. Tritrix is the exception, as it uses dual 4 ohm drivers in series for 8 ohm.

Series drivers is what to look for in an 8 ohm MTM... Aviatrix is parallel drivers. Try this if Aviatrix looks good. Both are full families with CC and on-wall variants.

SR71 is a very well respected speaker, and a good fit if SQ were top priority. There are a number of good 3-ways too, but it's hard to beat the +6dB bump in voltage sensitivity you get from dual drivers in parallel...

HAve fun,
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