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I searched for answers for a while and nobody seems to agree. How should one use a EP2500 amp with a reciever.

I understand the my reciever, Onkyo TX-SR805 has line level preamp out puts through RCA female connectors. Being a line level RCA outputs, these are unballanced correct? Therefor you need to stay unballanced, and should go with an RCA to UNballanced TS 1/4" connector. Am I correct? something like this??? http://www.ramelectronics.net/music-sound/cables-and-accessories/instrument-cables/instrument-cable-ga5m/prodGA5M.html

I was told by a pro-audio guy that I work with that I will need to go with a RCA to transformer to ballanced XLR? And that it isnt a good idea to just bridge the pins on a XLR to make it unballanced.

With this amp do you need to put an Art Clean Box in between the reciever and amp?

What is the simple answer for me and anyone else who wants to power a speaker with an EP2500 with a reciever pre-out?
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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