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I would like to get a pretty nice receiver though , because I would obviously like to upgrade to better speakers/subs in the future but if possible keep the receiver , if that makes sense.
Sure it makes sense.
Actually, it doesn't make sense. A good set of speakers will last a long, long time. I've had my Klipsch's for 12 years and my Axioms for 6 years. With no thoughts about changing either set. I've gone through 5 or 6 receivers during that time.

If you're interested in comparing against other AVRs, you can also take a look at the low end of the Pioneer Elite line...
Agreed. The Onkyo 876 is probably a bit of overkill unless you need things like 3 zones and dual HDMI outputs. You can get the Pioneer 1019 for less than $500. Pair that with the Axiom Epic Master 175 or perhaps Emotiva ERM-6.2's (LCR) and ERD-1's (sides) and your good to go for quite awhile for under $2000.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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