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Looking for feedback on product design for receiver systems

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I am a big proponent for receiver systems but understand the convenience of the new 'sonos' type setups as well. I created a device "blumoo" that connects to typical receiver systems and allows you to use your phone as the remote control for the system and allows you to stream your music to your existing setup (assuming you don't already have wifi/BT/airplay capability) - goto http://bit.ly/19kyOk4 for details on how it works. I originally created this product for my personal home use, but have decided to take it into market and I'm trying to determine if others would find the value that I do. I know some won't use any streaming music since quality is diminished, but curious as to general opinions of control/streaming enhancement to existing systems..? Value-add, no value to you? Suggestions for future gen? Appreciate the feedback.
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I know some won't use any streaming music since quality is diminished,......
Why do you say this? One can stream high resolution audio these days.
Completely agree...I shouldn't say 'streaming' causes the q-reduction, I should have said the digital media used typically has diminished quality (e.g. mp3 or whatever digitized format due to the sampling). I am referencing streaming digital audio from a phone or from an online source (e.g. spotify, pandora, etc) that has typically been compressed...nothing I can do about that - I just know several that 'refuse' to listen to sampled audio - I personally appreciate the convenience and variety available through these sources.
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