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I'm looking for help recommending on what to build for my basement home theater/entertainment room. I can't decide wether to build a transmission line, a tapped horn or an IB. I was planning on either using one SI HST 18 mkiii or possibly a resilient sounds Platinum 18. I like the Fs and excursion of the stereo integrity, especially for the home theater aspect but want the best musicality?!? Most of the time it will be for listening to music, but I still want that low end. My main question is what experience do y'all have with these types of enclosures and what do y'all like about them.

I've only been exposed to a large t line and loved it and have always wanted to build one. As for IB I have the space and a closet I can build in the basement for the backside. Any help or thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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