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Looking for Onkyo 705 or 805?

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Hey guys. I'm a new member here at the shack and am looking to upgrade my older Yamaha RX-V750. I've been doing a lot of research an several forums and think I want to go with either an Onkyo 805 or 705. I've been reading that the 06 models are not as good as the 05 models but the problem is, I'm having a lot of trouble finding one of these older models. Basically, I'm just looking to get the new sound formats as I have a Panny BD35 which decodes these formats but only has 2 channel outs to run from. Therefore, I need an AVR with HDMI connections. I have a 5.1 surround system consisting of Infinity Beta 50's, Beta 20's, Beta C360 and SVS PC12+ in a large room open to other large rooms. Any help in finding one of these, in addition to any other AVR suggestions, would be greatly appreciated. Looking to spend between $500-$800 on the AVR. Thanks!

Also considered the Yamaha 663 which is real cheap right now along with the Onkyo 806 and 706 which are also cheaper now as well.
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Thanks guys! Still researching this and am now also considering the Denon 2808CI for about $750.00. Any thoughts on comparisons with the above mentioned?
Thanks Tony! But is it worth paying $300+ more since I just saw a 2808CI for $659?
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