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First... A hearty welcome to The Shack!

You mentioned gaming... Both projectors you mentioned are excellent choices for movie playback, but the Panny excels at gaming as well as having excellent video playback.

In addition to the zoom memory (which is a major benefit for 2.35:1 and 16:9 content) the Panny AE3000 doesn't have a 'gaming mode' persay like the AX200U does, but...

Projector Central said:
Gaming Mode. As far as gaming is concerned, video delay is not a good thing, and audio delay does not fix the problem. So the AE3000 has a feature which is not called Gaming Mode, but should be. It is called Frame Response, and it lets you adjust the speed of frame delivery from the buffer. Your options are "Normal" and "Fast." "Normal" will provide normal video processing and results in a frame delay of about 3 frames (assuming Frame Creation is off). "Fast" will eliminate some of the standard video processing overhead and cuts frame delay to about 1.5 frames. You can see the effect on lip synch when switching between Normal and Fast, as lip synch problems pretty much disappear in Fast mode.
Projector Central said:
Last year we mentioned the lower lumen output in Cinema modes as being somewhat of a limitation, but that has been fixed in the AE3000.
Panasonic projectors are also some of the brightest ones on the consumer market. Dynamic mode has 1273 Lumens blasting away, but has a slight greenish cast to it. So ask what the color balance and temp is of any DIY(or commercial) screen's you are considering. As always I recommend a D65 neutral screen. That is the easiest to compensate for. I hate to throw in what may sound like a shameless plug, but I have been pushing and advocating a D65 neutral screen long before the concept became popular in the commercial screen industry, namely the new Da-Lite JKP screen, which isn't as neutral as our screen, but it is still on target and very respectable- but at 10 times the price... just something to think about. If the screen already pushes green, or even blue (like a commercial/DIY company that I know) then you will have some pretty big issues to deal with if you decide on the Panny AE3000 and use it in Brilliant mode.

This is really an important mode when you have some lights on. If the image doesn't look right though, then it's not worth it. Get a projector and screen that work well together. Again, the best overall bet is a D65 neutral screen. You can rest assured it will work with whatever projector you get.

I also like Epson projectors, but I really do feel the Panasonic AE3000 trumps it, and with spades. It will do 2.35:1 with Lens memory, It has a 'gaming option', and tons of inputs (three HDMI!) and more adjustments than you can shake a stick at!

At a 12' throw, you'll have 19fL of brightness, which is enormous for 1080p! The fact you can do a 2.35:1 screen and then with memory zoom go to a 16:9 image... the 'gaming' option... I'd have to highly recommend the AE3000 for you.

Screen... An N8 to N8.5 will perform the best for you and the setting you have described. Or a screen that may be darker but performs within those parameters. Check options that match those specs.

Viewing... based on the seated layout you described- You definitely want a unity gain screen, or as close to that as possible. Any gain is going to reduce your viewing cone, and again, with either projector you mentioned you really don't need a high gain screen. Others push gain as if it is the ultimate screen spec, yet they really don't have any official data other than holding up a screen sample and guestimating by eye. When in doubt, ask for the actual readings and data. If they can't produce that, then be very skeptical of any claims.

Based on that, I hope you are now armed with some good information to make some decisions from.

You mentioned BW... 16fL is more than enough for an enormous amount of ambient light, and I can attest from personal experience that even with the lights out it still performs exceptionally well... just as long as you take the time to calibrate your setup.

I still would like to see you take the time to look at all the N8-N8.5 options out there, but if you were to ask me outright, or say I was doing your installation, I'd go with the Panny AE3000, Black Widow, and make sure with the money you saved to get both a Pronto 7500 universal remote as well as a high def DVD player if you don't already have one. If you do already have the Pronto, or an HD DVD player, then spend your savings on either HD movies, or speakers, or anything you don't already have! :) And without question make sure you get a spare bulb right off the bat.

If you want a commercial screen option, we can also give you a few to consider.
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