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lost in the world

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I am now busy for months to find out which is the beste solution for my problem.
the problem is the following: I want to install a projector and screen in the living room but I have some limitations:
1. I would like to watch movies during the day (at the left side I have windows till the ground). So minimum impact from outside light required. even with the curtains closed I have light inside.
2. main seats are 3.5 - 4 meters away from the wall. I have some seats at left side too.
3. problem in cabling: soundsystem/dvd/games drives are in the front, projector (of course) in the back and at this moment low possiblility to add a cable (1 cable S-FTP should be possible)
4. screen should be electric (my wife don't like it others)
5. low noise of the projector (my wife says nihil)
6. projector can almost (0,5 meter difference max) be in the middle to opposite of the screen.
7. what is the best (lowest) position of the screen to watch movies.
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hello bmwnewbie!

firstly i would like to extend a warm welcome from everyone at the hometheatershack:R

your ambient light problem will be addressed more suitably with a grey screen rather than white.

i'm sure the more knowledgeable guys here will jump in soon to help you but while you are waiting can you specify the make of your projector if you have bought it already? if you haven't what is your budget for the projector/screen?

also what are the dimensions of the room?
Screen wise I'd look into an electric Elite or DaLite with a gray material for a screen. You could use the PowerGain material from Elite. DaLite now has a JKP material which I assume is gray - .9 gain. There are others as well... Mustang, Stewart, Draper, they all make electric screens.

First of all, a happy new year to all of you.

on the questions

budget: I was thinking in the range of 3500 euro (excl tax) for projector and screen.
room: 5 meters looking for the screen by 4.5 meters
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