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LOTR - Blu-ray

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Not sure if anyone else is looking forward to this, but I have been waiting for a long time. It looks like the Lord of the Rings is finally coming out on Blue Ray although I haven't seen a definite date, Amazon is taking pre-orders. I wonder how much better it will be since the extended version was, in my opinion, pretty good.


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LOTR, mmm... seems familiar. :bigsmile:

I'll wait for the Extended Editions before I purchase. :T

* The Theatrical versions will be only a taste from the rentals.
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Originally slated for November, it's now March, 2010 at the earliest.
No kidding! How come?
Nobody knows and no official release date has ever been given. It was rumored to be 11/3 and apparently it's now 3/10. The digital bits posted some information about it last month:

Thanks for the info.

* I knew that it was originally supposed to be release in November 03, 2009 (Tuesday coming),
But I was not aware yet of this new delay (into March 2010).
Cannot wait for this release. I was watching LOTR:Fellowship last weekend and, despite it being Superbit bit-rate quality, could benefit from the upgrade.
Superbit? I don't think so... unless I'm missing something here.
High quality DVD transfer, Yes, but not Superbit (this is a New Line studio here, not Columbia).

* My favorite is "The Return of the King", then "The two Towers", and "The Fellowship of the Ring".

I agree the theatrical version would be best for me. I have the extended version and it takes me a week (or more) to watch the whole series!
I got both versions of the three films on DVD, and the Extended Edition is the way to go for the three films.
They are more fleshed and complete, closer to the books.

* Also, I'm still young, so it takes me only three days to go through.
Wish I was still young... At least I'm young at heart!
LOL, good enough man. :heartbeat:

Ah, let me clarify. Yes, they are not labeled as official super-bit releases. But the bit-rates are higher than the regular theatrical release of the movies. I cannot find it right now, but I remember where some video-geeks were comparing the actual numeric audio and video bit-rates of the date, and the extended editions where right up there with the official regular super-bit releases. If you think about it, it makes sense. Disk 1 and 2 only have the movies (about 1.5 hrs each) while all the extras are on disk 3 and 4.
I know exactly what you mean, I got all the mags from "Widescreen Review",
with LOTR trilogy Extended Edition reviews, in great details, picture & sound wise.

And you are totally correct. :T

* Not Superbit, but comparable nonetheless, for sure.
Can't wait for the Blu-rays; actually, yes I can. :innocent:
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