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LTS and Ultra 16 (Not Official) - speculation

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So first as you must have noticed this is just fun speculation and is in no way official. Its all for fun. And to get everyone thinking about the the LTS and other possibility.

So first off.

The LTS will be SVS high end line. And I think we can all agree that they will probably be a three way design. Feature soft dome tweeters and non metallic mids and woofers.

I'm guessing either SEAS excel, Scan Speak, or Morel drivers. Possibly a large midrange and a couple big woofers maybe 2 8's? Will they use the same tweeter?

I also had a thought what about having woofers or mids done in house or using the foam glass composite (polymethacrylimide) either in house or OEM by someone like Scan speak.

And with more veneer and the arch like the MTS speakers.

Tom V. mentioned here on the shack at the time in 07 the drivers for a LTS speaker was around 1000 dollars per speaker.

And before we all get to excited how do you think the current economy will or has changed the LTS design?

To change gears a little bit here.

I've posted it around the net a bit.

SVS is developing the new Ultra 16 underhung neo motor woofer. For the upcoming Sealed SB ultra 16

I'm wondering why not use it in a large ported sub. 2500-3000 dollars or so to compete with the big subs from ED, Epik and others.

Especially sense the PB Ultra 13/2 which was in the design faze was seemly put on the back burner as was a powered PB plus/4.

SVS needs that insane sub to cap of its line. They could even offer it in an SS style cylinder.

The issues would of course be weight, size and cost. But if there is a market for conquests big ED's and so on then SVS can sure compete in it. They would probably be special order but I can see a market that would appreciate them. I'm sure all mentioned items would be limited quantities.

They would be a great option for the LTS.

So feel free to add your speculations. :bigsmile:
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Only time will tell, we shall see, they have always been excellent with there products based on VFM and the R&D has certainly given us some excellent subs, easily the best to date...I am interested in the 16 Ultra if that does materialise....
I've got a PB13-ultra but just two tiny 40w Genelec 8030A "monitors", it's about time to upgrade to my first 5.1 setup once I finish saving a few more pennies.

Just curious, the LTS blurb on SVS's website mentions "strong recession sales of entry level products dictated a re-evaluation of what can be achieved and at what price the market will bear" .... How much more than the MTS 5.0 setup (~$2299 currently) do you think a LTS 5.0 setup will cost? Under ~$3500 or would you guess it will be considerably more than that?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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