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Lurker turned member...

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Hi Folks.

Long time lurker, first time poster (well second actually).

I've recently drank the DIY Subwoofer kool-aid, and there is a ton of useful build info here.

I'm currently putting together my plans for a ~5.5cuft sealed eD 19Ov2 build with a bridged EP1500 running at 8 Ohms (Dual 4 Ohm VC).

This will replace a Cadence CSX-15 subwoofer that served as a gateway drug to bigger and "deeper" things.

My theater is being rebuilt (by me), after an unfortunate incident with 18" of rain in March. But thankfully none of the equipment was lost.

What I'm running:

Onkyo TX-SR706
BIC Acoutech 7.1 system ( I love these horns for HT )
Panasonic BD35K Bluray
XBox 360 with HD-DVD

Projected onto a 106" Dalite HP pull down with a Marantz VP8600.

I also have a fair bit of vintage gear that I love for my two channel audio. A mix of Marantz, Sansui and Pioneer.

I'm here to learn and hopefully pass on what help I can when I can. Thanks everybody! :T
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Welcome aboard !

Enjoy your stay with us at the Shack.
Welcome to the Shack. Have fun. Dennis
Welcome to the Shack....:wave:
Welcome to the shack! :T

Welcome and DIY subs deliver incredible SPL.
Hello and Welcome to HTS.
Hi GreenChemist and welcome..
Hello and welcome to the Home Theatre Shack :T
Hello lurker and welcome to HTS! :wave:
Thanks all. A very amicable bunch you are.
Welcome Greenchemist. Hope you enjoy your stay at the shack.

Welcome to the Shack! :) I'm sure you'll find more than enough info on sub building!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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