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M-Audio Fast Track Pro problems...please help

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Anyone who has gotten the m-audio pre or pro to work would you please tell me your setup?

I have performed a successful loopback test. The issue I am having is during the next phase "level check". The device is producing pink noise through my a/v receiver just fine but there is no signal being generated through my ecm8000 microphone. I can scream into the microphone and no green signal light. There was a green light during the loopback test so I know the channels can take a signal but nothing happens when I try using a microphone.

For giggles I hooked up my spl meter to it to see if its microphone would work. No go. However when I set the spl meter up to produce pink noise, the green light came on the m-audio device.

Any help is greatly appreciated. After three days of this now, I think I am honestly ready to :explode:
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Did you turn on the phantom power using the switch on the back of the Fast Track Pro? ECM8000 requires phantom power to operate. You may also need to adjust the input gain level and make sure the pad is not in.
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