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hi all

iam after seting up another system at the moment i have rbh 55ti fronts and as rears a r5bi as extra rears r56ci centre 4 in ceiling mc 815 speakers connected to a denon 6200 a emotiva xpa3 gen3 amp blue jeans speaker cables and interconnects will be buying aoppo 205 player my fronts and centre connected to the emotiva the rest to the denon 0n a 65c6v oled tv with 2 hsu vtf mk2 subs and 2 pc13 ultra subs

my question is if i was to upgrade the speakers to the m&k mp150 as fronts and centre then use m&k s150t as rears

and use extra rears to be determined by yourselves to use

and 4 subs to be determined again by yourselves

and 4 in ceiliing speakers to be determined by yourselves

connected to the denon and emotiva amps to make it 11.4 would this package be a significant upgrade over the rbh impressions speakers

would it significantlt give me better sound quality better treble better midrange better dynamics better bass better attack be more forceful in your face cleaner sounding all action movie watching and for music and horror and sci fi

75% movies 25% music

for pop rock heavy metal r&b rave techno house classical jazz funk jazz

better for drums guitar flute saxaphone pianno would the denon and emotiva get the full potential of what the m&k speakers can do thanks i pose this question paticulary for bigboss or anyone else for that matter i have £10500 to spend on this package i want it to sound top notch

my room measurements are 30x30x25 thanks
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