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Hi Folks!
When trying to set up REW on my macbook pro with RME FIreface 400 i noticed that the input levels i get in rew are much lower than what i see on the FF400 mixer.
If i see -25db in the mixer rew is only hearing at -63db...
Also, if i do a measurement REW is telling me that the input responce is not where it should be. I tried all sorts of settings, yava, default output, aggregate device, but it is still the same.

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- Your FireWire card ( on a Mac ) won't currently work with REW . ( It'll output / but not input )
- It's Apples fault ( & it's been like this for a few years now ) .
- It's due to their poor implementation of the JAVA standard & they don't seem to care :scratch:
- ( They've become even more arrogant SOBs now that their market share is growing again :spend: )

- More ( Mac ) bad news here in this thread !

- Get a PC for inexpensive ( yet serious ) audio analysis !

<> cheers
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