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I am new to the forum. I have been viewing it for sometime and I'm really impressed with how helpful the mods are the the quality of work people are accomplishing with their help.

Im interested in making a Sonotube with the Mach 5 Phallus . I would like to tune it to 15hz as I will be using a Behringer ep2500 and from what I read that would save me some money in not having to use a |HPF

It will be used strictly for HomeTheatre.
When listening to music I will just run my current sub woofers Velodyne DLS4000r's .

There is a Sonotube on kijiji that Pixelguy is selling left over from his UXL Build .It is 24" and it says its just over 6' will this work ?

What is the exact measurements I need ?

Here are the Parameters of the Phallus

Fs (Hz) 21.8
Re (Ohms) 3.2
Qes 0.38
Qms 9.72
Qts 0.37
Cms (mm/N) 0.151
Rms (kg/s) 4.97
Mms (grams) 352.9
BL (Tm) 20.12
VAS (L) 224.3
Sd (cm^2) 1029.2
Lp (2.83v/1m) 93.8

Thank you for your :help:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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