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Maelstrom 18" Gen 1 power handling ?

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I havent seen anyone powering 2 with an EP4000 in stereo 4 ohm. Kevin, what are your thoughts on that setup with the ever popular 7cf with (2) 18" PR setups? Assuming of course whatever the filter works out to down low? I am entertaining that option as well as a dual horns after buying the drivers off another member. Leaning more toward the PR setup after laying out space. Also Kevin, you still have a healthy supply of the 18" PRs? Looking at a purchase in about 2 weeks.


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I know that the power handling of Gen 1 Mal-X's was 1500w if that helps any :T
I saw the 1500 rating on their site. I also saw a very detailed post from Kevin on the subjective nature of power handling. At this point (from others findings) it seems as if the EP4000 only puts out around 70% of its 4000 watt rating. This would be safe in 2 channel 4 ohm. But like anyone else, I was looking to see if this is something another member was using or Kevin's thoughts.


Power handling isn't subjective but it is not exactly meaningful.

Meaningful information would allow you to pick an appropriate amplifier and assure safety margins. Power ratings don't do that. The popular thermal test doesn't give users information that allow them to make good choices. If anything, it gives people a false sense of security thinking that as long as they don't have an amplifier that can exceed the power rating the device is safe from thermal damage.

That isn't correct and it isn't correct for ANY transducer. There are more variables at play that determine how much power your subwoofer can handle. The big ones are the type of signal used, and the frequency it is used at. It helps to understand that the primary way heat is dissipated from the woofer is from air movement over the coil. In resonant systems the woofer almost comes to a standstill at the tuning frequency of the port or PR. If you pump a test signal into the driver at this resonance point you can toast the driver WELL before you reach the power rating.

The Audioholics article on this is good. It comes to the same conclusion that I have. The power ratings are almost meaningless numbers and if anything, they cause more harm than anything because people don't understand the situation and unknowingly overdrive their subs.


Kevin Haskins
Exodus Audio
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"Subjective", was a poorly chosen word. But that article echos what I had in my mind. It does however put much more detail to the what and why. Didnt answer my other question on availability of the PRs?
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