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re: Maelstrom 21" With 4 - 2100 Gram 18" Passive Radiators

Since the 21" PR's won't work with your cabinet, there are a couple of 18" PR options from A.E. which I know you like.

Yellow is with four 18" 2100 PR's. Tuning frequency is 16.8 hz. 2000 watts input with a HPF at 15 hz.

Pink is with four 18" 1600 PR's. Tuning frequecy is 19.2 hz. 2000 watts input with a HPF at 15 hz.

PR excursion does not exceed 20 mm in both models. These are ballpark estimates as WinISD doesn't take into account power compression.

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1 - 10 of 181 Posts
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