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Thank you.

This is an impressive subwoofer to listen to. The term "idle" fits this sub perfectly. With even the slightest input signal it receives, the sub and passives are working together to move a massive amount of air. This is a true, deep, and clean bass as one can only dream of. It does fall under the category of being a high quality audiophile grade subwoofer which is much different than the type you built for bands and stages which look at the higher SPL as their main goal.

Years ago, I was going to build a sub with a pair of the Aura NS18" (I beleive that is the model #). At $800 per driver and reports of their failures I read in the forums, I changed my mind.

When I heard that Dan Wiggins had his XBL^2 motor on a 21" woofer, I knew my search for the perfect subwoofer driver was over!

Kevin Haskins is so fortunate to have such a wonderful driver, the Maelstrom, in his line of products. Kevin is also fantastic to work with, ie cool fellow! :wave: I'm using Kevins Face Audio 1200 series amplifier bridged to mono.

I use the Reckhorn B-1 crossover available from CSS. Bob Reimer is also a very stand up guy and will take good care of you.

I have Denon's flagship model 5308CI(A) receiver and use the LFE output to the Reckhorn B-1 for total subwoofer control, high pass, bass boost, and subsonic frequency protection which is sent on to the Face Audio amplifier.

Good luck with any build you may have in store.....
181 - 181 of 181 Posts
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