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Making the best of an odd shape

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I'm running a 5.2 system with the following equipment:
Epson 5010e projector
D-Lite fixed screen
Onkyo PR-SC886
Emotiva UMC-200(not connected)
Cinenova Cinema Grande 7
5 Paradigm Studio 20 v.4
Epik Empire sub
Outlaw LFM-1
Mac Mini
Apple TV
Samsung 40" LED TV
Samsung BLURAY player
I would like to upgrade to the SVS PB-13 ultra.
Any ideas on ways to improve my system would be appreciated .
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I wasn't sure about toeing them in more, but I'll give it a shot. I've done an REW on the subs and I have a dip around 40hz, but I don't think the Onkyo will allow for the changes. Text Font Technology Electronic device


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It didn't hurt; I only watched one movie and it was new. I'll listen to some more familiar stuff later on this week.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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