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Work in progress....
Commercial Screen threads

Commercial Grayscale and Gamut Readings - Grayscale and Gamut readings of various commercial screen materials.

Commercial Spectrum Readings - Spectrophotometer readings of the various commercial materials.

Elite Screens Silver Frame Screen Review - Sadly discontinued due to the aluminum frame manufacturer going out of business.

dnp Supernova Review - dnp Supernova review.

Da-Lite Screen Material Review - A review of many of Da-Lite's screen materials.

Da-Lite's New 3D Virtual Grey Projection Screen Material

Vutec Vision-X Dyna-Curve

Goo Systems Review - Arguably the king of commercial screen paints. Clearly not worth the money...

Seymour AV Center Stage Screen - Seymour AV Center Stage material review. Acoustically transparent material. Seymour makes a good product. :T

Beamax Screen Materials - Beamax screen material review.

SmX Projection Screens Official Thread - Thinking about getting a SmX screen? Or maybe you have one and are looking to tell fellow Shacksters about it. This is the place. SmX acoustically transparent screen.

Manufactured Screens and Professional Paint Mixes - A list of manufactured screens and paint mixes that have links here at the Shack.

HoloDisplays HoloVega - A review - HoloVega review.

Elite PowerGain 3, 4, & 5 - This was just a quick look at three new materials that Elite was prototyping for screen materials. We didn't really care for them too much as they are geared for niche areas of use as opposed to home theater.

Education and Screen Theory threads

Quick DIY 101- Some Definitions and Acronyms

Data and Testing Definitions and Intro - This thread deals with more of the science of color and how it applies to screens. It gets periodic updates.

Data and Testing Definitions and Intro Discussion - Here you will find questions and discussions about topics and concepts in the main Data and Testing thread.

Gain and other confusing topics. - DIY like anything else brings up a lot of questions and sometimes even more confusion, even at times outright myths that over time people accept as fact because of how many times they have been repeated. Those topics are discussed here and it is an open format where people can ask questions of a more technical nature dealing with the science and theory of screens.

Inverted (Negative) Images and Uniformity - This thread will also be linked in under screen construction links but it is also good to have it here because it discusses a method for detecting screen imperfections that was pioneered here on HTS.

Miscellaneous threads

gray balance before taking photos and GTI N8 - Want to know how to take color accurate photographs? Well read this thread then. :yes:

Investigating Screen Gain - This is a great discussion thread on how to measure gain, including what you need and how to accomplish it.

Gain Readings - Gain readings for various materials.

Projector Central Calculator - Just enter your projector brand and model number and it will tell you what screen size you can get for your throw distance, etc. It also will tell you how many foot lamberts you will be projecting.

Links with cool tips and ideas.

THX Home Theater Display Setup

Projector Central PJ Calculator

Calibration guide for AVIA and DVE from RAM Electronics

Avical's DVE tutorial

Bruce Lindbloom's site - one of our favorite resources

Carlton Bale's Home Theater Calculator
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