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Hey everyone! After hearing so much praise for these units, I sold my Yamaha receiver and purchased one of these. I paired it with a Emotiva XPA-2 for the fronts and a XPA-5 for the center/rears. Love the sound quality! I have one question, though. It is about the bass.

OK, I have the amps outputted via the balanced connectors. My sub is outputted via the unbalanced connector. My sub does not have a balanced input. When I switch the Subwoofer to 'on', LFE and Mains selected on the on-screen menu, I get almost nothing out of the sub. I have everything crossed at '80'. I turn the volume up to max on the sub, and still I hear just a bit of bass. I took the 7005 out and replaced it with a normal receiver, hooked the sub up, played a BD and there was the bass! Everything set the same. Hooked the 7005 back up, bass almost nonexistent. I have read and re-read the manual, checked to make sure I indeed had the sub attached to the Sub out, yes. I am just scratching my head. Everything else sound fantastic, except for lack of bass. Does anyone have any idea what I might not be doing? Is there a setting I did not select? I am just like....Huh?! :dontknow:
I would try connecting the Emotiva's using RCA's instead of XLR's and see if your Subwoofer works properly then. Moreover, the XPA's are not a truly Balanced Design to begin with so aside from it being louder when set to the same Volume Level (XLR has twice the Output Voltage 5.0 versus 2.5 VRMS) and in theory a lower Noise Floor, in Home Theater Applications there are not huge advantages using XLR's. You do see them in Studios and other Professional Applications, but much of this is due to the super long Cable Runs where XLR Cables are resistant to noise/interference. Neither the Marantz or the Emotiva are truly Balanced Designs.

Just to make it easier to understand, here is a quote from the Balanced Audio Technology FAQ:
"I've heard that not all units that have XLR jacks are truly balanced components? Can you explain this?

Yes. There are many products on the market that add XLR connectors to an internal single-ended circuit. Such designs, while sporting XLR connectors, don't process the signal in balanced form. It is fair to call such units "pseudo-balanced". Unfortunately, this fact is usually not stated accurately in the company literature for these products."
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