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Marantz DLP Repair

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My Marantz VP12-S4 has started acting up. The colors have gone bad and there is a strong halo or rainbow effect. When I first bought the machine as a demo two years ago I had the problem briefly but I replaced the lamp that came with it and it went away. Any suggestions?

Thanks Steve
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Halos suggest light path issues, most likely cleaning. Can you post an image?

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Thanks so much for your post. As you can see the image is very bad. I live on Saipan, a small island by Guam we have no real electronics shops here so I was hoping it was something I could do myself. Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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Not likely with that symptom. Probably a signal processing problem that will require board replacement. Maybe a color wheel index adjustment but I doubt it.
Thanks, Looks like I will have to send it off for repairs somewhere, I was afraid of that. At least I have my old VP12-S2 that I can put up for the super bowl.
really appreciate you taking the time to look at it for me.
More Marantz Problems

After learning that my 12S4 could likely not be repaired for a reasonable price I found another "demo" on e-bay which only needed a bulb. I got the projector yesterday installed the bulb an hung it up. It will not focus. Same unit as my other and same optics. Almost focuses when Aoom is set as small as possible. as soon as you zoom out it goes bad. Is this something I might be able to fix, or do I need to send it out? Does anyone know?
I was advised by the service center that my Marantz could not be cheaply repaired. I found a "demo" on e-bay that only needed a bulb. Since I had a new bulb, i bought the projector. I hung it up yesterday but it will not focus. If zoomed to the smallest image, it is almost in focus. Any zoom out it becomes real fuzzy. Same optics as my last 12S4. Is this something I might be able to repair. Is it worth taking the lense apart? Thanks
Likely physical damage to the unit in shipping if the model and optics are the same.
It appears an easy matter to take the focus and zoom rings off the unit and check the lens. Is it possible that the DLP chip could have been dislocated which prevents a proper focus and if so can it be moved back to a proper position?
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Thanks, The Lens seems to be working fine, no scratches, the focus and zoom ring work perfectly. The Zoom extends the screen size well within the range necessary for my screen. The problem is the travel of the focus ring will not go far enough to reach a focused position. I thought maybe the chip might be dislocated. I have a manual and will see if i can swap the lenses. Thanks
I was finally able to fix my new 12S4 that would not focus. I first took my old one apart to see how the thing worked. It did not look like you could do anything to adjust the DLP chip or change the light path. But I saw that there was a mechanical stop on the focus so i removed that from the lens and put it back togther. This allowed me more range of focus and I was able to make it focus crystal clear. Avatar on Blu-Ray was beautiful! Thanks to those who had suggestions.
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