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Marantz RPTV repair

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I have a Marantz PV6080W 60" CRT RPTV with issues. I think the blue lamp is going out, as all blue images on the screen have significant halo or border fuzziness. All other color images are crystal clear. Is that typical of a failing lamp, or one that needs to be redirected/refocused?

I've tried dealing with Marantz CS for hours on hold and through their poor online support. Finally, they just told me to talk to Phillips CS, as they don't support their own DLP products anymore.

If it helps, I could take a picture of the screen to demonstrate what is happening. If it is one of the above problems with the blue lamp, is it reasonable for a relatively tech savvy person to attempt the repair?
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Are you still around Mark?

Just curious how this turned out for you . . .
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