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Martin Logan nuts

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How many other Martin Logan guys are on here? Just wondering and if so what are you running?

Heres my list-

Martin Logan Summits (fronts)
Martin Logan Stage (center)
Martin Logan Vistas (rears)
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I'm running ML CLS's for front R+L, with 12" DIY woofers acting as stands for them, and an ML Theater for the center. Also have an 18" Velodyne for a sub, and using cheapie RS speakers for rears.

I've got a pair of Scripts, but they don't fit my current layout (no room on either side of the screen).

Great sound though when paired with a proper sub!

I've had to step down to three HSU centers that sit under the screen... not ... quite ... the same.
I don't own any, but I do drive by their production plant every once in a while. I really should stop in and take a tour...
I really wish I could afford these... but it's only a dream for me.
My local Magnolia store was clearing out their existing MartinLogan stock a few months ago and I JUST missed out on a set! I've been kicking myself ever since
I'm going to buy Martin Logan Vantage next spring. If I had more money I would buy the Summit but I would be surprised if I have that kind of money.

Unless I find a used pair.
Check Audiogon... I know there were some Summits there and Vantages as well at a very good price.
I've got a pair of Vista as front speakers. The rest of my current setup is described in my signature.

And yes, I love them !:kiss:
My Motif center will be in tomorrow... :bigsmile:

How about some pics!!
Patience... I've got to go to Troy to pick up the speaker first. I also have a pair of PC-Ultra's coming in as well. :bigsmile:
PC ULTRAS!! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't need any more speakers:foottap:
I know... I've got all I want now.... :bigsmile: :bigsmile: I promise, I'm not going to buy anymore. :whistling:

Okay... maybe some ML Fresco surrounds if I can ever find a deal on a discontinued or used pair in black.
To those who own ML's, how much power are you running per channel? I've heard that they require a lot of power to sound good. Is this true? Can they be run using a receiver, or do you need a dedicated big-dollar amp?
The main problem with ML speakers is not that they need a lot of power to sound good but that they have very low impedances at high frequencies (1.2Ohms at 20KHz for Vista for instance).
This puts some constraints/restrictions on the amplifier. Not all amplifiers can deal with very low impedances (Bryston have problems) and most of the receivers fail to do so too. If you go for ML without build-in amplifiers for the panels then you will need a separate amplifier which is happy at driving very impedances.

Of course it helps to have a powerful amplifier (to get tight bass) but my Arcam P1000 with 125W per channel is more than I need.

For info: bi-amping do not help on ML (been there ... :duh:)
My Anthem MCA-50 runs 180wpc/8ohms ... 265wpc/4ohms ... 340wpc/2ohms ... that's with all 5 channels driven.

The Denon 2807 I was using previously did well until I really cranked it up loud, then it became harsh. The Anthem stays very smooth throughout the volume range. For movies the Denon seemed fine, but the music concerts is where I noticed it seemed like it was running out of gas.
I have the Martin Logan Summits front right and left, and using a McIntosh 402 amp, 400wpc. Center speaker Martin Logan Stage, and Martin Logan Motif surrounds using a McIntosh 205, 200wpc to power the center and surrounds speakers.
I have Martin Logan Vantage loudspeaker. Driving them is a "big" Simaudio 50w/ch 8 ohms (it double for 4, than 2. Minimum recommended impedance: 1 ohm. ( maximum remembered power tested :540w)

They sound huge and I don't need that many watts to get High spl.

I would like eventually to try tube amp. ( I've found that most sounded and looked gorgeous)
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