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MAT Electronics, Inc.
49 Richard Road
Warminster, PA 18974

215-773-9729 fax
800-628-1005 fax

[email protected]

I order speaker foam surrounds from this place they are good and the price is cheap. They also have other parts but I never tried the other parts. They sell boards for LCD tv's, Lamps for DLP tv's, and many more items

I never had issues with getting speaker surrounds. They are in Pa and I am in Pa thats why I order things from them. they are close enough I can drive an hour and a half to take it back and b__ch them out. A lot of the surrounds are less then 2 dollars per surround. for sizes 12" and less and 3.50 for 15" surrounds. I always order extra.

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Re: Mat electronics

I would be wary of them. I have bought surrounds from them as well, but they more often than not have no inventory on many of the items they advertise, including the surrounds. Their semiconductors are suspect, as I have received parts from them that did not appear to be OEM parts. Get your semiconductors from more well respected suppliers.
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