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Re: Max Payne Blu-ray Review

I rather like Mark Wahlberg and I’m sure I saw this in ASDA store this Wednesday but I thought it was video game. I’d have to pop back and have another look I might take a chance on it.

Bullet-time seems to be the norm now in film science art when it made a breakthrough with (The Matrix 1999).

I doubt it’s what I call real 2.35:1 most films today are often filmed in Super35 one of the formats I least like. Anamorphic lenses rule.

It’s doubtful I’d ever use the digital copy I have a few DVD titles now with this propaganda flogging off digital copies a third extras disc would suffice. Because most people often find ways of ripping off copying the film hence illegal and I’m not interested in the least film would suit me just fine.

Nice review by the way.
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