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Maybe I'm in over my head..little help please

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So I have a couples of questions. Bare with me as this is my first time using the program. First I set everything up with the intention of doing a full sweep of my main speakers (and selected those settings). Everything setup fine but after I do measurment is says my level is much too low (-60ish). Should I be concerned about this? I did a sweep from 40hz to 20000hz.

Here is my graph:


So I guess my questions are, does this look about right?

If not, what I am doing wrong?

If it is right, my intention was to use this program to help me place room treatments and as it turns out, I don't think I know how to do that :) Anyone care to offer any advice on how to use this program and my graph to place my acoustic panels?

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Looking at other peoples post, maybe I am mising something. I see people posting full range graphs that are relatively smooth. Could someone kindly tell me how do I get a graph that looks like that? That is what I was expecting when I first started.

Use the smoothing option to get a smooth graph
Have a look at posting a graph for some tips on scaling, you will find smoothing options in the Graph menu.
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