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Well, looking at the pictures you posted your going to have a nice space. Seeing as you have everything open now is the time to wire for speakers and power. Do not skimp on the power, 2 dedicated A/V circuits in the room is not overkill and split one off to power the projector in the ceiling.

Defiantly wire the room for 7.1 speakers, speaker placement should be done like this.
Do not spread the rear speakers apart more than 4' (1.2m) and if wall mounting the sorounds keep them up at about 6' (1.8m) angled down slightly into the centre of the room.

It looks like the floor is well insulated and should be kept that way. Continue that through the walls and ceiling an you will have a nice quiet room. You will also need to address some reflection points once the room is dry walled however that is not a concern right now.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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