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I am selling my Meadowlark Blue Heron's.

The cabinets are a nice maple finish. It still shines nicely, and possibly has some minor scratch's some

places, I just can't see them, because the maple finish covers them nicely.

The woofers are in excellent condition and still operate perfectly. I did have to replace an inverted dust cap

on on of them however. I replaced it with a black, felt, inverted dust cap and all if fine. You can hardly tell

it was replaced. It looks great.

The tweeters are in need of replacement. They still sound great I think, but not like they used to.

Again the speakers are full range, and play very nicely still.

I am the third owner.

I do not have boxes so the buyer will have to pay for boxing, shipping, insurance, and crating if necessary.

Given the shortcomings I mentioned above I have priced the speakers accordingly and to sell.

I am asking only $1500 obo.

I know this is a great deal, but if you have an offer, please email me with it.

I am open to partial trades for amplifiers and pre-amplifiers only. Amplifier must be suitable to drive a pair

of AV123 Strata Mini's.

Sorry, shipping, boxing, insurance, and crating if necessary are not part of any trade. They are the buyers


Thank you for your time.



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