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hi there i am pretty new here..
i measured my room and apply fix using equalizerAPO
now how do i measure my room again after applying the fix?
i have created pink noise audio file and its looks pretty good ot the RTA
but can i measure it with sine sweep through REW?
Btw i am using samson C02 condenser mic i calibrated it using the graph in the manual
Is it the right way?
The condenser is not omnidirectional but i point directly to the screen (between my 2 monitors) where my head usually are.
Is it ok or should i buy an omni mic?
I know it is best to test it with omni mic but the difference is that big?
One more thing lol its the 3rd time i'm editing this post..
I am not using spl meter but i calibrating the spl using my ears does it important to measure using the accurate meter reading?

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Sorry for the delayed response.

I think you can make a normal sweep measurement as EqualizerAPO should be active for anything being played.

You can use a cardioid or super-cardioid to measure as long as you point it at what you are measuring, but it won't capture the contributions of the room uniformly due to its polar pattern so what you capture won't fully reflect all the sound reaching the mic position. Better to use omni if you can.

Precise level isn't important for looking at the response shape, whatever sounds comfortable is fine.
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