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I joined way back when to get access to REW and enjoyed the email newsletters over the years but finally want to post to a thread. Looks like I can't until I jump through a couple of hoops, though!

By way of introduction, I have a somewhat ageing home theatre system now, but I keep on tweaking to try and get the best out of it. There are 9 speakers, 2x Canton 509, 1x Canton 505, 4x Canton 502 and 2x Canton 501.2, as well as 2x Velodyne CHT-10Q subwoofers. (Unfortunately, one of the subwoofers broke but I'm hoping to get it fixed one day). They are driven by a Onkyo 5509 & 5501 pair. For the display, I'm still using a Pioneer 9th-gen Kuro.

I've tried 5.1, 7.1, 7.2, 5.2+FH+FW, 7.2+FW, 7.2+FH and have recently been experimenting with using the two speakers per surround channel to test out quasi bipole and dipole configurations too. My mates laugh at how many holes there are in the walls.

I haven't read the Floyd Toole book yet, but it's on my wish list.
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